Accessories & Consumables


The Grenova Tip Carrier answers the question of where to store used tips after transfer:

  • Reduces contamination risk of re-racked used tips ready for the wash
  • Designed to integrate with the liquid handlers
  • Holds up to 5 racks of tips


The TipNovus™ Cart is used to create an independent and mobile station for the TipNovus™ system. It can hold a complete system, including the dryer, as well as units to store cleaning tips and wash reagent containers.


For an accurate wash, non-pressurized liquid is necessary. If in-house DI water is utilized, the Grenova self-regulating reservoir is an essential component, as it will depressurize the water as needed. This will eliminate the users need to constantly refill a DI water container.


This single-rack eject cartridge is ideal for hand pipette tip applications. Once pipetting is completed, tips can be discarded into this closed rack to achieve organization before being transferred to the TipNovus for washing.


The cleaning solution we offer is safe on tips and the environment. GrenoClean is conveniently pre-dispensed and packaged which reduces preparation time. Our trade secret solution has been proven to clean a variety of types of contaminants and act as a stabilising buffer, eliminating contamination risk and maximising the operating effectiveness of the TipNovus system.


LEAF™ software is an intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to program their own custom wash protocol for the TipNovus. LEAF software enables users to select the appropriate cleaning solutions, number of wash cycles, and sonication and UV sanitation features for the custom wash protocol on TipNovus™.

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